How to Create a SharePoint Site in 2023- Step by Step Guide

Creating a SharePoint site is an easy and efficient way to share information with colleagues, clients, or partners. With its robust features and customizable options, it’s no wonder why many businesses choose to use SharePoint for their collaboration needs. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a SharePoint Site. So, after reading this article, you can create SharePoint Site for your own business, team, or organization to share news, blog, etc., with your team and colleagues. First, we will see some benefits of having a SharePoint site of your own to clear your doubts about why we need to create SharePoint Site.

Note: You should have an active Microsoft 365 Subscription for business or a Microsoft 365 subscription that includes SharePoint Online.

Benefits of Creating a SharePoint Site:

Creating a SharePoint site can provide numerous benefits to an organization. As one of the most popular and versatile enterprise content management systems, SharePoint helps businesses increase collaboration, streamline communication, and improve productivity. First, we will see some benefits of why to create SharePoint site, and then we will see how to create a SharePoint Site. Here are some key advantages that come with creating a SharePoint site:

Improved Collaboration:

Organizations can foster greater collaboration between team members by enabling employees to access documents from any device at any time without having to send emails back and forth or wait for files to be shared manually. With features such as document libraries that allow users to store data in an organized manner and discussion boards where people can post questions or ideas. For surveys for collecting feedback and forms for gathering information. All these help teams work together more effectively on projects. So It is one of the reasons to create SharePoint site.

Enhanced Communication:

A well-designed intranet using SharePoint facilitates better communication within departments by providing easy access points to discussions around topics relevant both internally & externally. It also allows staff members located in different geographic locations to stay connected through its messaging tools like instant chat & email notifications. They get notified through email or notifications whenever new information is posted on the website/page, ensuring everyone is always kept up to date! It is one of the other reasons to create SharePoint site.

Increased Productivity:

The ability of employees to share documents quickly & securely across multiple devices significantly increases efficiency levels throughout your business operation. SharePoint Site allows them to complete tasks faster while reducing manual labor associated with traditional methods (such as printing out hard copies). Furthermore, utilizing workflow automation capabilities could further reduce tedious administrative processes related to activities such as approvals, etc., thereby freeing up employee resources so that they focus on higher-value jobs instead. So If you have not created a SharePoint site, Now is the time to create SharePoint Site.

Now let’s see how to create a SharePoint site to improve team collaboration.

Steps on How to Create a SharePoint Site

In SharePoint, you can create multiple sites. There are two types of sites that you can create in SharePoint. The first is the Communication site, and the other is Team Site. We will see how to create both types of SharePoint sites.

  • Create a Team Site in SharePoint.

Team Sites are intended primarily for small groups of individuals who need quick access to shared documents within their workgroup(s). If you need to create a site for a particular team or members in the organization, then the team site is the one you need to create. In the team site, you need to add members you want to give authority to access the site if you want to keep it private. Only the members you add will be able to access the team site. It is the best option when creating a site for a team or members working on a particular project. So let’s see how to create a SharePoint Team site.

    • Open and log in using Admin Credentials.
    • Click on the SharePoint app in the Microsoft 365 apps panel.

visit Sharepoint

    • First click on Create Site, then choose the Team Site.

create a SharePoint Team Site

    • Now Create a Team Site window will open on the right side. Type the Site name and Description; in the privacy setting, you can choose Private or Public. Select your language and click on the next button.

Add sharepoint team site details

    • If you set the Team Site as private, it will ask you to add members in the next step. Search and choose the members and click on the finish button.

add member in sharepoint team site

    • Once you click the finish button, it will create a team site and take you to the created team site page. Now you can choose and apply a site template, add documents, create conversations, create a news post, etc, on this site.

sharepoint team site created

You can successfully create a SharePoint team site with the steps shown above. Now we will see how to create a SharePoint communication site.

  • Create a Communication Site in SharePoint

Communication Sites are designed to share information with large audiences within or across multiple organizations. Communication Sites typically include webpages customized with graphics or images and text-based content such as blog posts or articles about specific topics related to your organization. If you need to create a site for a large audience, you must create a communication site. So let’s see the steps to create a SharePoint Communication site.

    • In SharePoint, click on create site and then choose communication site.

create a communication sharepoint site

    • Now a new window will open on the right side asking for details for the site. Type the Site name and Description, Select the site language, and click on the finish button.

add communication site details

    • After you click the finish button, it will create a communication site and take you to the site page. Once created, you can customize and edit the communication site and do the activities.

communication site created


Creating a SharePoint site is an excellent way to collaborate on projects, store data securely, and share information with team members or colleagues. With the help of this guide, you should now have a better understanding of how to create a SharePoint site and the benefits of creating and using a SharePoint site.

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