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Microsoft Office 365 Overview, Applications and their uses

Microsoft Office 365 (office 365) is a cloud-based productivity application. If you ask what programs are in Microsoft office 365, here are some examples: outlook, word, PowerPoint, One Drive, Teams, Excel, and more. While...

Block Download Policy for SharePoint Online and OneDrive 0

Set Block Download Policy for SharePoint Online and OneDrive

Microsoft SharePoint Online is a great collaboration tool offering multiple users to work simultaneously on files, documents and pages. It allows users to download and share files and documents with needy ones. Sometimes allowing...

How to create a Sharepoint Site 0

How to Create a SharePoint Site in 2023- Step by Step Guide

Creating a SharePoint site is an easy and efficient way to share information with colleagues, clients, or partners. With its robust features and customizable options, it’s no wonder why many businesses choose to use...